Thoughts on the Military

1 I think I could pass MEPS as the psychological issues of my teens probably came from people bullying me and my self-imposed isolation. I think I could pass a background check as I don't have anything on my record. Potentially I could come in as an E-2 or E-3 since I'm an Eagle Scout. But I would first need to enter a delayed enrollment program as I'm out of shape and I have questions of if I'm eligible for a lot of the jobs that my parents approve of.

2 My parents would hate me if I decided to become an infantry soldier. My mother is a chaplain and she told me it would really bother her if I harmed others (even in the name of the nation), and it would bother my father (a doctor) in a similar way. My father is not outright against my joining the military as he is patriotic and knows a lot of people where the service did a lot of good. But he also thinks that my mind and education would be wasted if I went infantry. My parents are extremely worried that I am going get killed in some foxhole in a desert.

3 My priest mentioned that as a patriotic American who has buried many veterans that he will not discourage me from joining, but that he can not endorse the decision either. [Greek] Orthodoxy does not have a 'Justified War Theory'. All war is sinful and I'll have to repent if I kill or harm others. He mentioned that most of the military saints in Orthodoxy are martyrs killed by their own leaders because they refused to denounce Christianity. He also questions if some of the recent wars in the middle east that the US has been involved in has been helpful even from a more utilitarian perspective.

4 I'm not against going into infantry. I want to join the military to be attached to something greater than myself. I liked camping and backpacking while I was in scouts. I want to engage in the danger, adventure, and thrill of military service.

5 I'll start the process of handing in my information to MEPS and if I'm cleared for that then I'll see how well I do on the PICAT.

1944, Peleliu, US Marines
1944, Peleliu, US Marines