Cleared MEPS

1 I cleared MEPS in St. Louis just before Thanksgiving and am now in the delayed entry program for the Marines. Passed the PICAT verification test at MEPS letting me keep my 98 AFQT score. I passed the medical portion of MEPS as I have no disqualifying conditions. Before I got to MEPS the doctors were looking over my file and were worried about my speech since I have speech therapy sessions documented on my medical record; once I got to MEPS they could tell that my speech is fine. I explained that the sessions were just for correcting my lisp and for changing my accent to be more American. I'm glad that the process went smoothly for me and that I will not need to go back to MEPS until I ship out to bootcamp.

2 I am healthy enough to clear meps, but am not fit enough to go to boot camp immediately . I have flat(ish) feet which makes running harder, no upper body strength, and am a little overweight. My recruiter thinks that I'm not physically fit enough to go to boot camp in six weeks (my original ship time) so my ship date got pushed to early march. Am pushing myself to get in shape.

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