Pageants and bodybuilding 💪🏻

1 No one should be ashamed of having strong, healthy, or beautiful bodies. God (or nature ― if one is not religiously inclined) has given some of us gifts. Those that have received them should take on the responsibility as being as productive, ethical and inspiring as they can be with them; to maintain or even to improve what they have been given. It is not helpful for those that have not received much ― or even the ones that have been given good cards ― to wallow in misery about how they (or others) did not receive as a good of a lot. Many gifts can not be transferred. It is not edifying for others in a worse position to see those better off position wasting their potential in life.

2 But at the same time some celebrations of beauty ― bodybuilding and beauty pageants ― are deifying the body. Some competitions bring focus to the gifts of the body as an end-to-itself over what can be accomplished or created with it. They bring focus not to human incorporeal elements about strength of character or personality ― but to corporeal chunks of material flesh that some judge to be aesthetically pleasing or entertaining. To use modern jargon ― these competitions objectify individuals and have a dehumanization inherent to them.

3 In my daily life I dress conservatively to avoid drawing any attention to my body. I generally look down on pageants.

Photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger