East and West!

1 My concerns over the limits of language has been one of the reasons why I have become more interested in the Eastern Orthodox church and it's emphases over the western church and its emphases. Catholics from what I understand are generally aligned with protestants ― and the west in general ― on the idea that we can have a large verbalized (concious) understanding of the direction of history, the mechanics of Sacraments, causality and of God's will. The Orthodox position that some things are only understood through participation to me seems more sensible: I've spent a large portion of my life lost in thought ― a detached observer to the world ― and feel like I've missed some important things because of that. Maybe my oriental heritage and conservative upbringing is playing into my increasing skepticism of cerebral justifications.

2 I'm a hypocrite in that I think that people should listen to Institutional Christianity and its Clergy over making claims about it themselves (or worse arguing and sewing divisions with others about it). Much of the damage to the project I acknowledge has been due to people going off in their own selfish direction.

Walking The Wire
Inspired to write this piece after reading a statement from Pope Francis.