On The Inside 💙

1 I've had second thoughts of identifying with some of my art. If I make an effort to look calm, cheerful & in good spirits others around me are more likely to be calm, cheerful, & in good spirits. When I'm in a bad mood people around me are more likely to be in a bad mood. Mood is self fulfilling prophecy & contagious. I've found more success interacting with people when I reserve my anxiety & fears & control my emotions. I smile more & wallow in pity less!

2 There is nothing wrong with feeling on the inside & there are times where it's appropriate to express distress. But much of the time expressing distress outwardly causes more panic & makes situations worse. Distress should not be shown in many scenarios, especially if one is in a leadership or mentorship position where one has a larger effect of the mood of others. Feelings cannot be always controlled, but expression of those feelings (almost) always can be & should be.

3 I'm sensitive on the inside, but I don't think that it's correct for men to wear their emotion on their sleeves.

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Inspired to write this piece after reading a blog post from Justin Murphy.