In Defense of Liberalism 🗽

1 The project of the enlightenment needs critique. But Liberalism -- with all of its problems -- has also brought material wealth, self-actualization, and safety to many places and peoples. Heretical reactionary writers that critique liberalism often don't understand (or refuse to acknowledge) they would likely not be allowed to write or publish freely in an illiberal society, or that the computer they type on was only possible because of innovation, production, and/or trade systems that are dependent on liberal values. The major benefits of an ‘open society’ are in the background and are often not noticed until contrasted with how other places run themselves. Some of the pitfalls of liberalism can be seen easily without the contrast. The grass always seems greener on the other side.

2 But overvaluing the individual, his wants, and his judgement has led to this 'denomination of one' situation we live in now where many feel lost not having stable traditions, families, authority, or a people that they can build on. It's not a sustainable situation and insanity is beginning to show everywhere (from conspiracy idea-logy to gender idea-logy). But as this light of this 'age of reason' (i.e age of ideas) begins to dim a little a better way to view liberalism was not as something that needed to be rejected for the past, but rather as something incredibly noble that had perhaps occurred that needed to evolve into something even better for the next chapter in history.

3 I don't know what that would look like yet...

Photo of the Statue of Liberty.