Christianity and Universality ✙

1 The literal meaning of the word Catholic is universal; it's obvious that the push towards universality and liberalism takes great inspiration from the church. In Christianity all that share the label of ‘Christian’ have a will that out of hand needed to be considered and respected no matter ethnicity or class. The modern man inherits this notion but greatly extends it, dropping the requirement to be under God to be considered fully of that of his mark.

2 Not under the restraint of God the bastard has been smashing gender, ethnicity, state, family, class. Replacing them all with just himself [the human] and his ‘rights’. It remains to be seen how far this trend will continue. This man has perhaps spread himself thin; nihilism even now may be reaching for him after growing tired from leveling everything else in his name.

Tower of Babel
Cornelius Anthoniszoon - 'The Fall of the Tower of Babel'