Quotation Connotation

1 Things in double quotations (",") in written text is often understood as the author being dismissive to whatever is inside the quotations. I like to engage in people and ideas in good faith and so avoid using quotations in that context. Even if an idea to me seems like it should be dismissed does not mean that it's obvious to others. I myself often revisit concepts that I took as true/false out-of-hand earlier in life when I come across new information.

2 Single quotations (‘,’) do not hold the same dismissive tone and I make an active effort to use them over double quotations when possible. I view those that who use double quotations inapparently as juvenile as they are not engaging with ideas generously or honestly. I've found it effective and convincing to talk through why I think ideas are incorrect over mocking them. I talk through why ideas should be dismissed over dismissing them with (",") because I'm well-educated enough to explain my positions and objections.