1 Heartbreak? Born fighters ― we don't like to admit defeat or death and grasp to breath and life. We don't like to admit an end to a story if the attachment felt strong and deep. It what drives some of us to the idea of an afterlife where the story can continue on.

2 But this pain is inherently part of love maybe. It's beautiful that this type of clingy attachment imposed on another can exist in the first place ― it means that we are not doomed to be alone! Living in a truly shared story means that you cannot have full control because that would just be your story. Heartbreak should feel a bit like death because part of you is dying. Part of you is being ripped away despite your wishes ― a part that was shared.

3 Maybe I'm just trying to rationalize why I'm still pain. I don't know when it will end ― and perhaps I enjoy it. I would take any feeling over a detached numb apathy. I want to feel!

A curse or a blessing? June 2021