Heading to Bootcamp

1 I will be heading to St. Louis to swear in at MEPS and then to fly out to USMC Recruit Depot San Diego to start boot camp. Am pretty nervous but am feeling up to the challenge. Boot camp is apparently 12 weeks* so am wondering how well I'll hold up. I have not read into the details of what the activities at boot camp will be like -- I want to be surprised and confused as everyone else will be. Not sure exactly what I'm getting into but that adds to the adventure of it.

2 Marines 'delayed entry program' (DEP) for Spingfield IL was good. The Marine recruiters (as well as the poolee's) in Springfield were great. Through the workouts for those in the delayed entry program and my own workouts I got my fitness levels up to where I can pass the 'initial strength test'. Went from not being able to do any pull ups to four pull ups, not being able to run 1.5 miles to a time of 12:02, and got my 0:50 plank to a 2:22 plank. Will miss seeing the recruiters as I spent a lot of time in the recruiting office asking questions about the USMC and about their experiences.

3 Will not have my laptop or internet access while at boot camp so this will be (hopefully) the last update I make on this blog for a bit.

Bootcamp matrix
Bootcamp Matrix San Diego for last July. Dates are different for me (My Program Starts March 11 not July 6) but same idea.