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1 Law enforcement in the states has a lot of leeway on who they put surveillance on and how they want to enforce things. Criticizing this leeway is a popular with journalists ― from all sides of the political spectrum ― but maybe this leeway is a good arrangement. Leeway leaves room for departments to operate effectively in particular local environments. This flexibility would be greatly reduced if they were more closely directed by centralized bureaucracy and oversight. Calling for law enforcement to be more centralized is not a conservative position.

2 Decentralization and localization of institutions is a cornerstone conservative position. Conservatives should not forget this even while being hurt or targeted by a particular decentralized or localized institution. The variation of effectiveness and fairness of decentralized institutions give as a whole better results, even if some particular parts of the intuition or individuals from it are less effective or fair compared to if they were centrally managed. Institutions work better without being weighed down by excessive paper work and oversight. Giving law enforcement autonomy that they need, including federal agencies like the FBI, is the conservative position.

3 Cops will look into things largely based on their best judgement and that's by-and-large a good thing. Yes, as a side effect of not being overly centrally managed there is that there one major ‘common denominator’ on how they will enforce things de facto. Cops will go after those that they feel endanger their personal ― and then those that that they feel threaten other first responders ― before anyone else. There is a high comradeship aspect of law enforcement that develops from how they have to place support on each other. They defend and protect their own people first; that's a good mentality for them to have with their line of work.

4 Law enforcement (like the military) in the US by-and-large has a high moral standing and can handle most issues that they have internally. I think that they should be let alone to do this when possible, and that complaints with them should be privately as opposed to publicly relayed when possible. Media dramatisation of law enforcement is counter-productive to their recruitment. Journalists often don't have enough tact when dealing with law enforcement issues.

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