American Allegiance 🇺🇸

1 Loyalty is bedrock. Knowing that a person (or a people) will protect you gives peace of mind that thugs can't come in and take everything you have built without trouble, or that you won't be completely left stranded if anything else unfortunate happens to you. But the trade-off for a person (or a people) to care for you from birth is that you should show some appreciation, leniency and loyalty towards them.

2 I think of myself as an American; how can I not? I was raised here and they supported me. It's my culture and people. Even if the US has done some unwise things in the past, is perhaps doing some unwise things now, and may do some unwise things in the future, I will still support the US ― even if I don't understand or support many specific acts of it ― because my roots are here and I don't exist without my roots. Trees should not be replanted.

3 3 Being integrated into the time and place that one was born into is honorable and right; as opposed to wandering all over the world with a CV as a childless-nomadic-individual chasing ones own lifestyle, carrier and worldview. Those that had to fight defending their people have [generally] not been blamed for the specific time and place that which they were born, even if later on they were presented to be on ‘the wrong side of history’. It's not just about you (or me); when living and working with others you (and I) can't always have everything your (or my) way.

4 I speak up and protest when things are going on that I don't believe are right. There is a time-and-a-place for that. But some issues take time and tact and a larger amount of patience. In the meantime: rise and fall together. There is a time-and-a-place to hold togther.

United States